KYOCERA Thinks Differently, Innovates Environmentally

KYOCERA and its document solutions companies, such as One Source Imaging Solutions, think differently. Every business in every industry has its own unique facets and challenges, but KYOCERA’s innovative approach to that fact makes it an essential partner. That certainly pertains to consulting with businesses to understand their specific needs and challenges, but extends all the way to acting as the ultimate partnership: caring for the needs of the entire world. Now twenty-five years after the launch of KYOCERA’s first ECOSYS laser printer, the ground-breaking organization keeps on finding new ways to drive environmental sustainability.

KYOCERA follows a five-step process to understand partners and clients’ businesses and help them grow, all while reducing complexity and cost. First, KYOCERA team members focus on determining exactly what it will take to improve business operations and reach goals. They then design solutions tailored to those goals, and implement them professionally and completely. But rather than end there, the team manages solutions to ensure they show sufficient return on investment. Finally, KYOCERA continues to optimize and adjust solutions as needed to hit the desired mark.

While the process consistently keeps clients and partners’ return on investment and satisfaction top of mind, KYOCERA undergoes every step of their business with an equal focus on environmental sustainability. In 1992, the company developed the world’s first cartridge-free system for laser printers, and have continued to innovate on that goal since.

The ECOSYS printer is a physical embodiment of several key principles that keep KYOCERA focused on environmental responsibility without losing touch of their impact on businesses. For one, ECOSYS systems actually save owners money, factoring in purchase prices as well as operating costs such as maintenance, cartridge cost, and energy costs. Additionally, ECOSYS systems’ highly efficient use of energy results in less waste of resources and less pollution. Moreover, these goals are all reached without sacrificing quality or productivity.

But rather than rely on technological innovations and environmental business practices, KYOCERA continues to find new ways to delight customers. The recent acquisition of DataBank IMX represents yet another new step in that effort. By acquiring the single largest North American reseller of Hyland OnBase, KYOCERA is continuing to expand further into offering document solutions. Together, the organizations will be able to offer customers a new level of consultative expertise in simplifying complex workflows, managing mission-critical information, and optimizing business performance—all in a truly end-to-end total solutions approach.

“DataBank has already proven to be an outstanding partner,” explained Yukio Ikeda, President and CEO of KYOCERA Document Solutions America. “We’ve confirmed that not only are we truly complementary partners on a product and service level, but also that we share the same passion and commitment to our customers.”