Capax Global Leads the Charge in Data Makeover Solutions

From data makeover to strategic transformation, Capax Global rethinks traditional data workflow

Capax Global employees (Donald Scott, Dean Kroker, Sharan Hildebrand and Kaitlyn Troxler) collaborating in their Chicago Office.

Processing power is has never been more readily available, storage prices are falling through the basement, and in order to compete, an organization needs to leverage those trends. Efficient data use leads to business insights that blow open market opportunities, cut costs and drive revenues, but too many companies are stuck with workflows and tools that predate Big Data.

Capax Global is a leader in data makeover solutions, building next-generation tools that transform a company’s ability to learn from its data.

Traditionally, the skills and access necessary to query data and respond with business strategies are split. The IT team (or a more specialized data crew) govern the data and control access; leaders and development strategists send them queries and wait for a response.

But this process is inherently time-consuming—taking days, weeks, even months—and delays and missed opportunities inevitably result. By the time the data team returns with answers, the question has become less relevant. The business customers may have moved on. This organization needs faster, nimbler, smarter data access.

John Young, Director of Data Science and Machine Learning, demonstrating how to see data value and insights.
John Young, Director of Data Science and Machine Learning, demonstrating how to see data value and insights.

Capax Global’s data makeover solutions directly address this problem with “big-picture” self-service analytics. The data become easily accessible to the business user—but in their entirety, rather than in small, divided segments. The more constrained or refined the data, the less valuable for business insight. Capax helps a company work with bigger and broader datasets.

A business user needing analytical insight might not always have a background in statistical analysis or data mining. But a simplified approach, enabled by Capax’  data scientists and application developers, can empower that user to venture their own research. They can dig deep into business data, surface some interesting patterns, and turn the results into strategic business action.

Business managers need to know where their new customers are coming from, or what a product’s next quarter sales will look like, and next-generation data collection and analytics tools can provide vastly more detailed answers than ever before. These fine points can be critically important. Today’s business leaders are asking their analytics what factors will most decisively influence sales and expenses in the future.

“That’s a question too challenging for traditional analytics. What the data makeover does is to allow customers to have an environment where they can actually drill into answers like that,” explains Mike Nuteson, VP of sales and business development.

Thanks to inexpensive storage solutions and the spread of robust AI-enabled cloud analytics, it’s more affordable than ever to collect data from a variety of inputs, store all of it for future use, and access every bit of it as needed. Capax has turned that data evolution into a key innovation in analytics. Instead of formulating a query and retrieving a small subset of the data, a user can work with the entire set, where all the desired insights reside.

“That seems simple, but that is something that very few companies do because they build these processes for specific reports or specific use case. Usually the reason for that is that it costs money to transform that data to get it into a relational model,” explains Jerry Hawk, Capax Global CEO. Those traditional costs are falling every quarter, though, and organizations who embrace the transformation stand to gain a really powerful advantage.

“What we’re saying is: don’t transform the data yet,” he adds. “Get all of that data into the warehouse, so that you have it at the ready, and be able to do that across all the different sources.”

The “after” picture of the Capax data makeover is an organization with every tool it needs for the business user to interact—efficiently, intuitively, and securely—with any volume of data and at very deep levels to craft new insights that lead to business innovation.

While many of Capax’s competitors are selling self-service data solutions, many are simply deploying a desktop interface to business users and calling it a solution. Capax’s trade is the complete data makeover: more than an application suite, it’s a cultural and strategic transformation for your business