Recruitment Goes Viral at Digi-Me

How Lindsay Stanton harnesses the power of online video and analytics to match the right candidates with employers

Digi-Me helps companies find the right staff by turning their job postings into online videos.

Despite embracing the new efficiencies of the digital age, recruitment agencies have generally shied away from the use of video content in their online job-posting methods. But today, video content has become a force that dominates virtually everything else online—including becoming the communication method of choice on most prominent social media platforms.

Digi-Me specializes in providing technology-infused video for recruitment firms so that they can match the right employers with the right talent. By transforming text-based job descriptions into shareable, trackable, sixty-second videos that boost the posting’s SEO, while reducing screening time and costs, Digi-Me aims to revolutionize recruitment.

As chief client officer at Digi-Me, Lindsay Stanton utilizes the latest video technology to help clients staff their companies with the most suitable candidates as quickly as possible. The need for more efficiency in the online job recruitment field—both on the part of employers and jobseekers—is the driving force behind integrating video technology into the recruiting process.

“I think there’s a lot of frustration around recruitment,” says Stanton. “Both from the candidates’ and the hiring managers’ perspective. Any time that technology can make that process more efficient, it offers the opportunity to make huge improvements in our space.”

Stanton hopes video job-postings will leave online job-seekers feeling a little less confused as they wait to hear back from a potential employer about a job posting. Digi-Me is helping fill the gap in information through their solution called the Candidate Expectation video. The short, customized video helps to set job expectations for the hiring process, leaving the applicant with a clear understanding of timing and next steps, as well as providing a positive experience during the candidate’s interaction with a potential employer’s brand. Reports have proven that a negative experience during the application process can harm a company’s brand image.

“The number one complaint HR managers hear from candidates is that they applied for a job and never heard back,” Stanton says. “They felt like they got dropped into a black hole. We developed a short video that gets sent back to the candidate after they apply for the job, laying out the next few steps in the process. So if it’s going to take you four weeks to look at their resume, you as an employer can set that expectation with them so they’re not checking their inbox every day to see if they have a message from you.”

Stanton believes the benefit of video-based communication stems from a natural human tendency to retain information better when it’s presented in video form.

“If you look at how organizations communicate to people and how people best absorb information—we all learn and retain so much more when we watch a video versus reading something,” Stanton says. “The fact of the matter is that most of us don’t read even a simple job description completely—we’re just perusing that content and pulling out the relevant facts.”

The outcomes of video job-postings yield a higher number of job candidates who fully understand and fulfill all the criteria of the position in question. “On the recruiting manager’s side, they’re getting better vetted, more relevant candidates coming to their door,” she says. “It’s creating much better efficiency.”

Digi-Me’s recruiting method also has the benefit of SEO as well. “The improved search engine optimization and getting the employer’s job up on the front page of Google is going to help at any position type and any position level,” Stanton explains. “The tracking gives employers insight not only into the websites they’re sourcing for talent, but most importantly, they’re getting insight into where the candidates are sharing the video.”

Digi-Me’s video job postings are designed to appear as native content on all major social media platforms, something Stanton sees as a further advantage over more traditional online-recruitment materials. “The videos can be shared on LinkedIn or through any social sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest; they are all mobile-enabled as well.”

For Digi-Me’s largest clients, new positions must be filled as quickly and appropriately as possible, with little time for hold-ups in the hiring process. Video represents an opportunity to accelerate the recruiting process by providing quicker ways into the job descriptions for candidates, while still pairing the best people with the best employers.

“We work with a really large volume of global entities, both on the staffing as well as the volume hiring side,” Stanton says. “I get to have insight into their business and help them leverage our solutions to deliver back to their customers more effectively, because they’re servicing the majority of the Fortune 1000 to fill position openings. A lot of times it’s super high volume and super quick, so they need something that’s very efficient and highly trackable to do that.”